Streamcore solutions ensure communications (VoIP, video) and application delivery management over the Wide Area Network (WAN) in an adaptive, automated and intuitive way to:

  • Monitor any application, communication or public/private cloud service on the network
  • Measure and ensure service level management
  • Provide showback/chargeback reports to internal customers such as business units
  • Troubleshoot performance slowdowns in real-time or back-in-time
  • Guarantee the quality of experience for interactive applications or real-time communications

Streamcore's product line includes the StreamGroomers (SG), a traffic management network appliance,  and the StreamGroomer Manager (SGM), a centralized management tool for administration of all features including provisioning, real-time monitoring, supervision, reporting and control. 

Management, Real-Time Monitoring, Supervision, Reporting, Control
Streamgroomers Streamgroomer Manager
Traffic management equipment All-in-one centralized administration console

All Streamcore products are delivered as plug-and-play appliances which are easy to configure. Streamcore's appliances integrate transparently in your network between the LAN network and the WAN access router. They are administered via a dedicated port. For high availability architectures, a pair of StreamGroomers can be deployed in dual or tandem mode to ensure service continuity.

Streamcore offers unique functionalities in highly flexible products suited to meet a wide variety of organizations' needs ranging from single-site companies to large, complex deployments. The appliances can be deployed with all types of WAN topologies and technologies including MPLS-based IP-VPN, IPSec VPN-IP, Frame Relay, ATM, leased link, satellite, etc.